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Pedicures to sooth your feet

With all the running around that you do, it's hard to keep your feet supple for too long. With the change in weather and your work load they tend to become dry and painful. Luv nails in Wadsworth is here to help! We have a variety of options for you to choose from; come in and pamper your feet today!

With this pedicure you get nail trimming, shaping, buffing, cuticle grooming, sugar scrub and conditioning. You also get a lavender lower leg foot massage and get to choose any color of polish.

This is an extension of our deluxe pedicure. We added a therapeutic hot stone massage that alleviates stress, improves circulation & promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxing. A lotion massage, hot

towel wrap and polish of your choice wraps up this pedicure.

This luxurious spa pedicure includes a marine mineral masque that is formulated to heal and relieve dry skin. It can provide temporary relief from aches and pains. It has an exclusive blend of essential minerals that help to regenerate and revitalize your skin. This pedicure ends with a foot and leg massage, hot towel wrap and polish of your choice.

Spa pedicure

Deluxe pedicure

Royal hot stone pedicure


We have a large

collection of nail polish

with over 1,000 colors

to choose from!

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